Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Finally, an Update!

How to get a blog started up again?

Well, just put fingers to keyboard…

Yes, it’s been a long, long while. There are lots of reasons why I abandoned this poor blog for more than a year, but the most obvious are sheer laziness and procrastination. Well, I’d like to change that—let’s see if I can be more faithful in the coming months!

So, how to begin? Well, with Rhett, of course! He’s now 14 months old and the cutest little tyke ever. I will admit that, as his Nanna, I am biased in this opinion, but just check it out! Jeff calls this photo “Rhettmaninoff.”
I can’t help feeling that I’ve been treading water these last few years—there’s a lot I want to accomplish, but I just don’t seem to have the energy or the drive to get anything done. I have so many unfinished projects… I think I need to make a list and just knock those suckers out, one by one!

And the guest room! I mean, the junk room. I swear, when it comes to that room I feel like Sisyphus! Just when it seems almost cleared, the crap starts piling up, and we are back at square one again. (Note the passive construction—and yes, the crap DOES pile itself up; I have nothing to do with it!) Another project that I really need to get done and put behind me!

However, I have been consistent in one area, and that is playing the ukulele. I take the Uke Ensemble class at the Old Town School of Folk Music—been a student there for the last year and a half or more. It’s not the kind of class where you improve a whole lot, because it starts over from the beginning every eight weeks, and it is meant for all levels (which means you can join it even if you have never touched a uke before), but it DOES allow me play the uke and sing and put any troubles behind me for an hour and a quarter every Tuesday night, and that’s at least as effective as a couple sessions of psychoanalysis!

 I’m going to try to post something every week this year, even if it’s only a sentence or two.

I can do that, right?


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