Thursday, March 05, 2009

Home Soon!

The stint in Florida is winding down--by this time tomorrow, I will be waiting at the Orlando airport, more than ready to board my flight back to Chicago and Jeff and Mifune. While the weather has been almost uniformly nice (aside from some rain on Sunday), and while the folks at the comp house have been wonderful--so competent AND accommodating, nothing takes the place of home.

I'll have some photos to share once I get home and can upload them--then I'll give a more complete account of our ramblings over the weekend--but until then, I want to give some impressions of Orlando.

First off, the tap water just stinks! Sulfur! I don't believe the tap water in the little cabin we stayed in at Yellowstone had such smelly water, and it was situated right in the middle of a volcanic caldera! I know it's ecologically unsound to drink bottled water, but I'm not ingesting water that stinks! It's bad enough to use it to brush my teeth and wash with!

Secondly, the hotel is pretty bare-bones. Yes, every "room" is a suite, and that is nice. Yes, it's cleaned every day. And yes, it offers breakfast each morning (although the scrambled eggs--a constant on the menu--are constantly overcooked). It's entirely adequate. And no one is ever in the workout room, so the elliptical trainer is always available. There is no restaurant or bar, though--save for the "Teekey Bar," which is supposed to be open poolside each evening from 4-10, but which is really only open sporadically. Not that I am jonesin' for a drink from the Teekey Bar (I'm not kidding--I don't know if the name is supposed to be ironic or if it's a typo...), but if they say they are open, they should be open. Oh yeah--and it was FOUR BUCKS to do laundry! FOUR BUCKS! Two to wash and two to dry. Sheesh.

The town also seems to be one big strip of chain restaurants, chain hotels, $1.99 T-shirt emporia, and general tourist attractions, no matter what street you are on. I must say this, though--the Capitol Grille, where we splurged on dinner last night (and I do mean splurged) is superlative. Just wonderful. And tres chere!

So, I'm going to be really, really happy to get home to my husband, my cat, and my washer and dryer! And Jeff's cooking. And Mifune's quacking. And a stack of mail (most of which are probably bills...

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