Friday, December 30, 2011

It's Got to Get Better, Right?

So... having actually MET the insane deadline set for today with time to spare (but Jeff can tell you that the stress of that has taken a deep, deep toll), I decided to take a look through the "personal" folder on my work computer. It's a receptacle of photos (mostly of baby Rhett! Yea!), condo stuff that needed immediate attention the past year or so, blog entries written in Word (some of which made it to "print" and some of which did not), the itinerary of a walking tour of San Francisco I wrote up for a work colleague who was headed to my city by the Bay (anyone who wants a copy, just let me know--she gave it a rave review), and a "wish list" of things I hoped to accomplish in 2011.

I did not accomplish one of them. Not one.

True, some of them were rather lofty goals that probably require more than a year, but I haven't even attempted an opening gambit. And some of them are downright embarrassing, such as "Finish Rachel and Chase's afghan." This afghan is a wedding present. Rachel and Chase have been married for more than four years. Sigh. There is no excuse. None.

So, rather than resolutions and wish lists for this coming year, I'm just going to have to do better. At everything. No lofty goals--just living more productively. And I don't mean at work. I mean personally. There's so much to be done in that sector.



Monday, December 12, 2011

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Boy

Just sharing this little wonder with everyone! His name is Rhett Hamilton Lindley, and he’s a little more than 5 weeks old. He was born 11/3/11 to my dear stepdaughter Rachel and her husband Chase. Jeff and I are planning to visit them and meet him before the new year gets too old. He’s just the cutest little guy!

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